Kinds of Digital Marketing- Take your choice


The concept of digital marketing is broad and brings all types of marketing together like online, on screen and mobile. Brands also like Flip kart, Amazon deliver emails that are made as per the needs of the client. Let us see the kinds of Digital marketing now available to customers the world over. One should remember that digital marketing is used for specific audiences. Hence the key to successful marketing campaign is to understand which type of digital marketing will suit best for you and your product.

E mail marketing is one of the oldest types of marketing and it includes personalized delivery at the correct time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most general type of marketing which is used to increase the website search. There are many methods involved in this process. SEO works with customers to pin point what is the best search phrases for one’s specific business. Thus each phrase is then given its own individual page on the web site. This strategy will help to match accurately what people are searching for and thus they are on the right track to make the perfect purchase.main7-1024x632

PPC (Pay per Click) this type of marketing is better known as Paid Search. The cost will depend on the competition of the keyword.

Social Media: There are multiple media channels like twitter, face book, Liked In and many interests where one has to manage the brand image  All these channels have become very famous in the last couple of years. Companies put a lot of time and money into such social media marketing or SMM. However after a certain period of time down the lane this platform seems to be obsolete. We have professionals who can help you to identify which social media networks one should look out for so that one will know where the clients are.

Online advertising: In this one advertises on other websites unlike pay per click. In this one can buy a banner space on a well known website and paying the website for using the space. It has been seen that customers frequently visit one particular web site such as conferences, publications or trade. Online advertisings have its advantages such as the ad can differ in size and shape and one will be able to include graphics and animation. Online advertisings have its interests in valuable real estate and placed on the top right hand side of the bar so that it will easily notice able to the customer. Thus it is just a click between you and successful marketing.GetFile.aspx

Viral Marketing: It is an amalgam of various marketing strategies. It may include You Tube, videos, blogs, and email marketing all with a single aim to grab the market attention and spreads evenly through other communities.

Text messaging: It is the most widely used marketing type. With the ever increasing usage of smart phones all over the globe the dependency on it has increased. The reason for this is because of the quick and timely information.

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