How to find a great website hosting company

Any business that is small or big needs a website. A well designed and presented web site works as a magnet for clients all round the globe. The magnet not only gets in the clients but also the cash which is big or even huge. This is not the place to miss out on the money so selecting a web hosting service and starting up your web site is of paramount importance.

How to get started with a website hosting company?


The best way to get started is to find a host. This means that the host will store your website files and deliver them to your customers or readers who browse around. These website hosting services offer different amounts of data transfers, email, storage and other features. The mode of payment whether it is monthly or annually can make a difference. Different types of hosting are offered by website hosting services. These may include virtual private server and managed word press hosting plans. One must decide what plan one needs to take and for how long a period. Normally it should not be more than a one year period. However it is worth spending time so that one can make sure the host is able to provide the growth. Once the payment plan is decided one has to decide how long to continue the plan. If it is for a short term one can expect a refund within a month if one wants to cancel the plan.

What are the features one needs in website hosting company?


In starter packages many web hosts offer limited features and then when one selects a higher plan they expand the features. It is very important to even read the small print and one must make sure that the web host that one is picking must come with a site builder. Many of the sites require you to pay for the builder but there are others who do not charge. One also needs a web host that has a twenty four service and seven days a week. The service need not be by phone as even chat will do. When it comes to server operating systems, Linux is the default option. Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting.

 In brief here are some of the salient features in selecting a website hosting company.


  • One must know the hosting needs and what kind of website one is building
  • Do research on host reliability and study website upgrading options.
  • Check all hosting features and prices on both when signing up and when getting the renewal.
  • One must check the hosting control panel and read about hosting company’s account suspension and server usage policy.
  • If one is new to the web site, a shared hosting account is cheap and easy to maintain. One can also upgrade to VPS when the site grows bigger.
  • One must also keep a check on site back up and environment friendly.